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Montreal’s first ever Korean Beauty Expo

Hello dear faithful Royals!

On Saturday November 10, was Montreal was hosting their first Korean beauty exposition presented by the Korean Tourism Organization together with KOTRA and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Montreal. I mean, this is important people and organizations and let me tell you, it was refreshing to see things that we don’t get to see or buy usually. 

Say hello to this lovely volunteer!

You guys know how much I like K-Beauty, but sadly there isn’t much diversity in Montreal unless you buy online and that can be a hassle.  Frankly I was expecting to see the same old 3 brands, but I was pleasently surprised to see many brands that I didn’t even know!

There were much more then the  attendees expected, that’s for sure.  If you RSVP’d then you could get a free goody bag. Not as big as I thought, but still got a couple of interesting things (more info below). But the event of the night was the draw with the participation, and sponsor, AIR CANADA. They were giving the #1 prize, a trip to Korea!!! iPads and free beauty boxes (valued up to 400$!!!!) and the hype was  real! 

The beauty guru Morgan Stewart was present to give beauty tips from how to take beautiful selfies to how to do the perfect makeup.  You will be able to see her on YouTube. The people behind the tables/ kiosks were so polite, patient and always with a smile. I have to applaud their professionalism because there was a lot of people; hungry, excited and tired ones. Of course, how not to highlight the presence of the DJ who made and crowned the energy of the event. I have to say he did play a lot of EXO and BTSI mean there so many other groups too!

The event was indeed a success, and theirs is no doubt that a LOT of money was spent that day. I wish more products like this would be available here. Personally, I find Korean products to be better on the skin and with less chemicals.

You can also purchase products using this website: KOTRAOMNI

I hope to attend and see more events like this in Montreal or any other city in Canada. This event proves that there is a clientèle for this, there is a significant interest and wish from the population in Canada to have Korean beauty products, and other things, available here. 

For those who are reading in other countries, I think this information is also as valuable. If there is an interest there is a way to make yourself heard and bring to your city events like this, even if products and goods are not always readily available.

Thank you for reading guys and please leave comments! I love to interact with you and know your thoughts and comments!

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