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Missing 9: Drama Review

Hello, guys!

There’s nothing more satisfying than to be sick and spend the day in bed watching KDramas. Here is this week’s drama.

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This week’s drama: Missing 9

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Hangul:미씽나인 RR Missing Nain

Release Date: January 18 – March 9, 2017 (16 episodes)

Genre: Comedy,



Do I recommend it: 75%!

DramaFever rating: 4.5/5



Even though I was thrilled to watch this drama this weekend, I was a bit disappointed. The drama has a good plot and good actors. Everything in that way is good, it’s just other things that didn’t quite work out. In the first half of the drama, or the desert island part, there wass hand held camera with bad or shaky frames. Other times, it was just a shake or simili action done with the camera that make me wonder the use or the purpose of it. THe action scenes should be self satisfying without having a camera fake action. Also the hand held camera cuts, were quite unnecesssary. The OST did add an emotional depth to the scenes and therefore didn’t like it. Sometimes my attention was driven elsewhere, which means the drama wasn’t captivating my interest at that point. Even thought the desert Island parts had an interesting story, I only really began to be captivates in the second half of the drama. Also, there was no kiss or really touching romantic moments between the leads. There where some cute heartfelt sentences but really quickly it was cut for another scene. I did start licking and shipping….them, because they never said they were a couple…officially, we just understand they like each other. No, I never heard that famous SARANGHAE moment. Cute, but not enough for me. Also, there wasn’t enough Chanyeol …


Missing 9 OST:

Typical K-Drama Scenes:

  • Fighting your love at first sight
  • Understanding …friend??
  • Bromance
  • Secrets
  • Hospitals (in this case grave disease and doctors)
  • Chebols

Synopsis *** SPOILER ALERT***:

How should I start this… There is a group called the Dreamers from Legend Entertainment. This group has three members, Seo Joon Ho (Jung Kyoung Ho) as the leader, Choi TaeHo (Choi TaeJoon) and Lee Yeol (Chanyeol), the maknae.

There was a murder scandal in the group, which JoonHo was targeted. Following the scandal, the group had to disband. JoonHo was greatly affected but his manager KiJoon was a faithful and loyal manager. TaeHo won instant stardum with movies and other things, but his singing career drop drastically, Lee Yeol was a beloved superstar also.

The scandal was born from the night that JaeHyun (Yeon JeWook), their songwriter, died because that same night JoonHo and he had had a heated discussion. HaeHyun had a secret girlfriend, SoHee (Ryu Won) who was also part of Legend Entertainment.

After this day, like I said before, JoonHo had a hard time, taking crumbs and horrible contracts. During the recording of a bad show, which he hated and had a bad mood, Ra BongHee (Baek JinHee) appears as his new stylist. Of course, he hates her and fires her after…a few hours working for him.

During, the crunch time between the end of the shooting and his flight, he accepts to take her and they leave for their next destination. Many members of Legend Entertainment were in the private plane, which crashed and landed, dispersed, in a deserted island. BongHee knew how to swim and managed to save JoonHo’s life.

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They both learned how to survive on that deserted island. Communication, survival skills and wisdom was poor between the two, but things started to get better when they started meeting other people from the plane.

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Lee Yeol was the first one they met. But BongHee soon lost hope when Yeol tells her that the last survivor died and if she ever thought that maybe they will never be someone who will find them.

Yeol was, besides that depressive thought, a good help to BongHee and even helped look for other survivors. He had a good heart, hard working and smart. But, he quickly died, in a fight scene that he executed beautifully.

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The fights, fears and deaths instigator is these gentlemen here, TaeHo. This Dreamers ex-member had a hard time and became obsessed with survival with a hint of paranoia.He soon brought division, and SoHee soon shared the fact that she had seen him kill.

Soon he had killed 3 people, and other just managed to survive his predator moments.

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SoHee was known to have a suicidal tendency in the Island, but little did people know the weight of the guilt that she was carrying. She started feeling a little better once she told she had seen TaeHo kill, but by the end of the drama we also learn that she had witnessed the murder of JaeHyun, that she knew TaeHo had done it but had to tag JoonHo as the murderer.

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All that time, BongHee showed amazing survival skills in the Island, I don’t think they would’ve been able to eat without her, and also character. Her inner strength also helped JoonHo clear his name, and be a good leader.

When they were found and came back to Korea, she was the only one to keep faith and fight for the truth. TaeHo had once again been falsely accused of all his murders. She kept the group together, despite been alone at one point.

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Even when JoonHo was found and entered Korea illegally and was mugged, she still helped him. Together and with the help of the others, once they decided to bring forth the truth, they were allowed to clear JoonHo’s name, find the SoHee’s killer and with lots of work, pain and hope, change TaeHo murder tendencies.

This drama speaks of the truth and hope. The hope that the truth will come to light, and how lies brings forth more lies, and that it’s better to just say the truth. But this ain’t an easy thing to do when your life is on the line, or when proof is lacking. How to you forgive your traitors and when do you draw the line when your own people lie.

It was an interesting drama, but it was lacking those romantic scenes, together with cringe, love and cuteness K-Dramas are so good for.




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