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Radiant Office : Drama review

Helllooo my Royals!

Hey guys I finished watching this drama yesterday and, before I repeat myself, I just want to start my review and explain myself.

But for now let’s go on with this week’s review.

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This week’s drama: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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Hangul: 자체발광 오피스 RR Jachebalgwang Opiseu

Release Date: March 15 – May 4, 2017 (16 episodes )




Do I recommend it: 50%!

DramaFever rating: 4/5



I was really looking forward to this drama but somehow it left me empty. Let me explain before you kill me.

I was actually really into the drama, but I was not deep into the story. I only understood this when the drama ended. When it ended I had a feeling as if I was still waiting for the story to unfold. She finally shared her feelings to him practically at the end, but it lacked….love?!?!?

She said it so shyly and playfully and he took her confessions as if he had heard it a million times and paded her hair. Next episode was last episode. WHAT!?!?!?!?!
I even went back to look at the episode number. All this time I was just watching a terrible office environment with an extremely annoying guy, a guy who should grab some balls (Im’ sorry Hoya ), a really good couple (who actually brought the romance factor in this story and they are not main actors), a evil guy who ends up soft, the enemy just beeing dumb and leaving and the good guy winning…way to easily?!?!

I’m not completly hating the drama, I just extremely confuse. It was fun while I watched it, but where is the story of the main couple? Where is there romance??
The main actors had a great chemistry, it’s the script that was lacking, the story was lacking meat.

Now I’m just sad and empty with a kdrama addiction withdrawal.


Radiant Office  OST:

Typical K-Drama Scenes:

  • Chebol
  • Hospital scenes
  • Bad guys
  • Hot doctor
  • Chebol struggles
  • Nosy step mother
  • poor-girl/ rich guy
  • Fighting at first sight
  • convenience store part-timer
  • chicken delivery part-timer
  • depressed walks on the bridge

Synopsis *** SPOILER ALERT***:

Ok, so this drama starts with Eun Ho Won (played by Ko Ah Sung) struggling with money and having many part time jobs. She was an exemplary student, but that’s the problem she was a too good a student and now, no one wants to hire someone who only has had part-time jobs, and so many at that.

She has been refused a 99 times at this big company, and going for the 100th interview and being rejected again, she’s now feeling extremely depressed and walks on a bridge.

Related image

She accidentaly falls in the water (but she was already up there, haging in the abyss… dangerously….. -_-) and the hospital thinks she’s suicidal. Not only that, she excapes the hospital with two other guys, because they don’t have the money to pay the fees.

A very depressing trio now tries to find sense in their lives, as their real suicidal attempt is disturbed. They are now penniless, in hospital gowns and hungry.

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Fate brings them together as they reunite in Hauline’s group interview and magically get hired as contractors. Sadly for her, the evil guy in the last interview is now the new Marketing Chief at Hauline, Seo Woo Jin, played by Ha Seok Jin.

Related image

To say the least, the first have a terrible time at the workplace.

Image result for radiant office

They decide to work hard and try their best nontheless, as a their is a hope that one of them will be taken as a permanent employee. This will surely ease their current state of life.

Image result for radiant office

During this time, Seo Woo Jin learns that she may be terminally ill, and starts caring for her. Beeing mistreated at work and a bus accident make him more caring, not only towards her, but changes his views as leader, and has a wider understanding on how corporations directly influances the lives of people.

Related image

Interstanding more the drive that these trio has to survive and work hard, he them gives them more important challenges at work, their success is just the more incredible. The office mood changes and they are seen less like servants and more like collegues.

Image result for radiant office

While a change of director changes the whole positive wave into an anxious one, their futur might be at stake, once again. Now, all of them are in danger, even the chiefs. The new director schemes and lack of knowledge is dangerous to the whole company. And, he has a mischievious past, a connection to this trio that will leave them worried.

Image result for radiant office

In the end, Woo Jin loses his job, the director gets transfered to the branch office in America, Ho Won confesses, cut scene to next day, Woo Jin is the new director that now everyone loves.

Image result for radiant office


Yes I’m still really confused about this. What did you think of this drama. Please enlighten me.

Well that’s it for today!!!

Annyeong!!! 내 블로그로 많은 사랑을주세요!!!



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