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Drama Review: My Annoying brother (형)

Helllooo my Royals!

Again, it’s been a while since my last review, but I just really wanted to see this movie and, God I’m glad I did. I could’nt believe it when I saw it was available on DramaFever.

사랑해요 DramaFever!

BTW guys, did you notice that the poster has a mistake???? It’s written deSember and not deCember 😛


Let’s go on with this week’s review.

Last  drama: The liar and his lover: drama review

This week’s drama: My annoying brother

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Hangul: 형 RR Hyeong

Release Date: November 24, 2016


My Annoying Brother-Cho Jung-Seok.jpg                  Do Kyung-Soo                My Annoying Brother-Park Shin-Hye.jpg

Cho Jung-Seok           Do Kyung-Soo           Park Shin-Hye
Ko Doo-Sik                 Ko Doo-Young           Lee Soo-Hyun

Do I recommend it: 100%

DramaFever rating: 4.6/5


OMG! Kyungsoo Kyungsoo Kyungsoo!!! Every movie he’s been in, I’ve loved him. He usually plays very serious characters but, this movie brings all kinds of facets out of Kyungsoo. From strong, vulnerable, cute, happy, crying, screaming, mad and lost!!! All kinds of emotions I felt myself!!! Jungseok was the perfect partner for this movie. He is an amazing actor as well, but that aside, I mean, he could bring out so many things out of D.O.

Ah! this movie made me laugh, cry, cry a river and an ocean balling and sobbing, and they smile and then feel pain for them, and then cry again. It was written beautifully and the movie went on smoothly, so much so I never felt the time pass.

I was a bit taken back when I saw Dooyoung’s accident right on the first seconds of the movie, and though: Oh! this happens so fast, I hope there won’t be any boring and lengthy scenes…. But I was wrong, it was a necessary step to intelligently tell a story in a couple of minutes so we could go on the rollercoaster of emotions. Just like when you go to a real rollercoaster and they tell you all you need to know before they launch you.

This movie is an oscar worthy movie. I’M TELLING YOU!!! WATCH IT!!!

Damn, even the OST at the end of the movie made me cry…I was such a mess… How could they put this movie in the comedy section???? THIS IS A DRAMA….A DRAMA !!


Radiant Office  OST:


Typical K-Drama Scenes:

  • Annying family member
  • Hospital scenes
  • Never dated in your life before
  • Sweetest mother ever
  • Dead parents
  • Food will cure your ackes
  • depressed walks on the bridge
  • Convenient store scenes

Synopsis *** SPOILER ALERT***:

Ko Dooyoung (Do Kyungsoo) is a Judo athlete competing for the National Team. During a competition, at an international event, he is badly injured and damages his optical nerve and loses his sight permanently.

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During the same period his older half brother Ko Dooshik (Jo Jungsuk) is in prison and takes advantage of Dooyoung’s accident published in the papers to get paroled from prison. I mean , he’s either the best of liars or an incredible actor, either or, this guys is incredibly convincing!

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Doosik wants to fully enjoy his new found freedom and barges at Dooyoung’s house, quite carelessly. Dooyoung is suffering the sudden change of life and adjusting to being a blind person.

The house is a complete mess because he can’t get around the house yet and has not been able to feed himself. Dooyoung is going through a depressive state and now his brother Doosik barges in his house, with evil intentions, no respect in the world, and it’s his hyeong (who he has to respect no matter what).

Doosik even goes to the extend to use Dooyoung’s seal and get his money at the bank. To buy himself an expensive car and live like a king.

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Thank God Lee Soohyun (Park Shinhye), his coach, is there to bring them both back to reality. Dooyoung needs to snap out of his depression and start doing something. Yes he is blind, but he’s still alive. She decides that it would be a good idea that he comes back to Judo for the Paralympic Games.

Of course, Doosik doesn’t like her at first, but by pretending to care for Dooyoung, he starts to care a little bit more for his dongsaeng and provides food and a change of scenery.

Crazy things like going to clubs (because he learns he never had a girlfriend), learning about girls and feeding him chinese take out became Doosik new tasks…after all, he did buy himself a brand new car with Dooyoung’s money -_- . Of course, he can’t see a thing and he ends up beeing kissed (yes someone kissed Kyungsoo!!!) by an ugly girl who claimed to be a sexy actress.

Image associée

Doosik did start to know and care a little more for his brother. Sadly, after he goes to the doctor’s office, he learns that he has pancreatic cancer. This really hits him hard. All this time he wasted his life, and now was using and liying to his brother who is blind. He realises that all this time Dooyoung’s only salvation was him and his coach.

Thankfully, he made an acquaintance at the convenience store, and then became really good friends. This same friend will become Doosik and Dooyoung’s good friend and helps through their hard time.

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He thinks that the best thing for his dongsaeng is to go back to Judo, earn some money, be more independent, gain confidence and get out of his house. Up to know he had not gone out of his house by fear. What follows in this story is absolutely beautiful.

Image associée

Yes, here is the famous sauna scene. But there is a scene just before that’s really funny and interesting 😀 . I’m not gonna tell you, because I don’t want to steal the beauty it! I’m just going to say that, this is a beautiful moment.

Making Doosik more confidence is not easy, he is scared and it’s understandable. Dooyoung understands that fear Dooyoung fells, even more now that he knows he will die very soon!

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It’s all possible, because of the new bond between them. Doosik now trust on Dooyoung, and Dooyoung now acknowledges Doosik and loves him, leaving the past behind.

Doosik goes back to training, while Doosik stays behind getting treatment for his cancer. Dooyoung doesn’t know this, but he promises to comeback with a golden medal from the Paralympic Games.

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It’s hard for both of them, as Dooyoung learns at the last minute, that Doosik has cancer and is dying. They are far away, and Doosik might not be alive when he comes back. Their goodbyes on the phone was particularly heart breaking.

AH! if you don’t cry when he wins and yells HYUNG!!!! then you have no heart. You’re dead inside, because this is literally the saddest moment I’ve ever seen and I was crying a river at this point.

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Anyway I hope you’ll love this movie as much as I did. It had many funny moments, and many sad moments. This story about 2 brothers is really touching.

Well, my dear Royals, this is it. Next, hopefully, I will have another review ready for you.



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