Dee’s K-Pop blog

Hello Royals and welcome to my blog!!!

My name is Dee, blogger, Christian and Korea lover. I am mainly an Army but also a V.I.P, ELF, Exo-L, Starlight, Aghase, Love, Tinkerbell, Shawol, K-Drama lover and marathon watcher.

Originally, this blog was about daily Kpop news, but it became really hard for me to follow the news daily (there’s so many things happening every day!!!). Also, my love for anything Korean also grew and therefore this blog has become more varied. I also picked a fandom name: Royals! I hope to be a great blogger so that I can travel and interview those that I admire!

You will find here Kpop news and my thoughts, K-drama reviews, K-food/ K-snacks reviews and K-beauty/cosmetics trials and reviews. Yes, I buy it all myself with my own money and if it sucks, I will also say it.

You can also find me on, my other social media, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @deeskpopblog . These are mostly K-Pop related.

If you want to reach me, you can do so by sending an email here: deeskpopblog@gmail.com .

Only the positive!



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