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Group orders worth it??? The best option for buying Kpop albums.

Hello, my dear royals!!!

As I always buy albums I decided to compare different buying option for you. I bought albums through online stores, group order and at a kpop store in my city. I also compared other options to make sure you really will have a global idea and be able to make your own opinion.

Sometimes we might think that one purchasing option is the best way but in the end, it might not be.

Please keep in mind that all the albums were purchased with my own money and were shipped to Canada. You might want to do your own research for your own country.

I will be comparing prices for these albums:

  • BTS Love yourself: Her album
  • Got7 7for7 album
  • Epik High: We’ve done something wonderful album.

Please bear with me I will try to explain everything as clearly as possible.



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I bought this album through Amazon after BigHit opened an official store.

You should definitely go and read my BTS story here.

I bought BTS Love Yourself on Amazon.

  • The album was 32.46$ USD
  • The shipping was 2.27$ USD
  • The total: 34.73$ USD (43.49$ CAD)

From the moment it was shipped, I waited around 2 weeks for the album to get to me.

If I would buy it at (online)

  • The album costs 22.97$CAD
  • The shipping 5.97$ CAD
  • Handling fee 5.00$ CAD
  • Total: 39.03$ CAD

They ship in 48hrs.

I bought this on Amazon because it was officially announced on their twitter during the pre-order times. It was unknown that Walmart carried these until an army discovered them and it was then shared on social media. If I am not mistaking, these sales do not count on Hanteo or Gaon charts but do count in the USA and Canadian sales (therefore billboard).

On Amazon I was able to pre-order the album, be the wait was really long (follow my story here). Walmart carried the album in the following month and I would’ve lost crucial timing for the group in their comeback sales.

Both of these were random, so, which option was better: Amazon or Walmart?

For me none. I did pay a little more through Amazon, but for BTS this was the better option. For my wallet? Walmart.

I guess it would be your own judgement and preference in this case.



Related image

I bought this album through group order with Can Group Orders. If you want more information on group orders I suggest you read this article.

  • The album was 13.00$ CAD
  • The poster was 2.00$ CAD
  • The EMS fee was 4.35$ CAD
  • The customs fee was 1.27$ CAD
  • Domestic shipping was 11.23$ CAD
  • The total: 31.85$ CAD

From the moment it was shipped, I waited around 2 weeks for it to get to me. That’s from Korea to group order manager, to me.

If I would buy it at Kpopmart (online shopping):

  • The album costs 12.60$USD
  • The shipping 18.40$USD
  • Total: 31.00$ USD (38.63$ CAD)


I chose the option, for this example, the K-Packet shipping option for 18.70$ which would make the delivery between 10 to 23 business days. Sadly, this option is not available for me and it would leave me only 2 other options. Wither pay 12.70$ and wait up to 40 days or pay 33.00$ and receive it within 7 business days.  I guess it would only depend on the wallet.

I bought this through group order during the pre-order time frame. But it gave me the option of choosing the photocards I wanted together with any other choice I wanted to receive for the album. some group orders will secure your choice when you are the first ones to pay and secure your purchase. It’s fun because you have a better chance of getting your bias. The sales do count on Hanteo and Gaon charts (make sure you know where the manager is buying the album from) and since it was during the pre-order period allows me to help the group’s comeback sales.

In this case, buying from Kpopmart would significantly raise the costs of the album. Yes, I could get the album way faster, but I would be paying so much more. Even if I would choose the cheapest option of shipping, I would have to wait over a month for the album. I hate to wait more than 3 weeks because at that time you have seen it all on social media and youtube and it just ruins your ”first-listen experience”. Also, I wouldn’t be able to pick my bias and would get random photocards and accessories. Which is completely up to you (I picked random for BTS Love Yourself).


One is random and on the other, you can pick your bias, so, which option was better: Group Order or Kpopmart?

For me? Definitely the group order. I was happy to get my bias, I had a good experience with the group order, was able to pre-order, I helped Got7 and their sales points, the cost is not bad at all, the wait time is reasonable. Overall, the group order wins.

Epik High: We done something wonderful albumRelated image

I bought this album at a local store.

  • The album was 34.99$ CAD
  • Plus taxes 5.24$ CAD
  • The total: 40.23$ CAD

No waiting time. (Maybe except if you wait for the album to get to the store…)

If I would buy it on the YG E-Shop:

  • The album costs 20.06$USD
  • The shipping 26.08$ USD
  • Total: 46.14$ USD (57.50$ CAD)

I have no idea how long it takes.

I bought this at my local store because I just wanted to compare prices and see if it really was convenient to buy it locally. I mean it’s a little easier to shop. I have no idea it sales count on Hanteo (and I’m crossing fingers it does), and also this album had been out for a while so it’s not surprising they already had it. I did ask if they had Stray Kid’s Mixtape album (came out 3 days ago) and they told me they should have it in a few days. Which is not a bad wait time. Again, there would be no way to pick the photocards or any other accessory in here. It’s a bit pricey, but I they do have to pay rent and other store expenses. The only good thing would be the convenience of having THAT ONE STORE IN THE WHOLE PROVINCE near my house and be able to buy Kpop albums easily (and chatting, which the employees were very nice and patient with me).

For YG E-Shop example…’s quite expensive. Except the fact that you can buy your album directly from the company (and of course, sales count on Hanteo and/or Gaon charts), the price is high. You will get a random set of photocards and accessories too. Sadly I couldn’t see the shipping wait time, but usually, when you purchase directly from the company, it never lasts more than a week from Korea to Canada.

Both of these were random, so, which option was better: Near buy store or directly from the company?

Obviously, in this case, it would be the nearby store hands down. The price difference is major and it obviously affects my choice.

I guess, again,  it would be your own judgement and preference in this case.


Image result for tom and sarah kpop albums
Credit: Tom and Sarah store in Toronto


From the three options that I actually purchased my albums which option was better: Amazon, group order or the nearby store?

To resume:

  • I paid for BTS Love Yourself : Her album 34.73$ CAD through Amazon.
  • I paid for Got7 7for7 album 31.85$ CAD through a group order
  • I paid for Epik High: We done something wonderful 40.23$ CAD at a local store.

For me these three options are good. I rather buy my albums on group orders if I can and choose my own photocards and accessories when possible. If I cannot find a group order manager that I like (think price, distance and waiting time), then I will see which from online shopping and near buy store would be more convenient for me.

Price is important for me because I buy a massive amount of albums and fan goods. If I can save some money somewhere, I will.



I hope this blog will help you make a better choice for your future purchases. Don’t forget that all these prices are meant for Canadian buyers, and if you come from another country, please make sure you shop around for prices.


That’s it for now! Take care! Enjoy KPop!

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